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The BodyBare®

body-bareThe Body Bare® The BEST Men’s or Women's personal shaver in the world! It is the only razor of any kind that will "NOT" bite your vagina, testicles or anywhere you may shave! Have you ever wondered how to shave pubic hair, specifically how to shave pussy and how to shave male pubic hair? Look no further!

The Body Bare® will shave your pubic area closer, easier and most importantly safer than anything else on the market period! Save 25% on pubic shavers & testicle shaving products!

And Ladies, stop dragging that blade across your skin and your red bumps and irritation will disappear, when you use the Body Bare® personal shaver.

The personal shaver will prevent Folliculitis Barbae, a shaving condition causing pimple like bumps for men.

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bodybarepic2The Body Bare® FREE Ladyfair Trimmer

"LadyFair" is a battery operated, high-speed, double-edged trimmer. One edge is straight and the other is curved making it arguably the most effective trimmer available for close work. It will cut through heavy pubic hair or a beard without stalling.

It is not for contact use on inner vaginal lips or testicles.

Use the "Ladyfair" to trim before you use the Personal Shaver which is completely safe for use on both of these delicate areas.

Ladyfair cuts amazingly close and is ideal for shaping pubic hair into some fun shapes safely. Some of our personal favorites are mohawk, heart, diamond and "V" designs. The Ladyfair makes them easy to maintain and a real show stopper on a nude beach or in the bedroom!

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Success Stories from BodyBare® Owners!

"I have told everyone about your Body Bare shaver product. I love it!!"

"Love my new Body Bare irritation and NO RED BUMPS! Very comfortable. Exceptionally smooth results. WAY cheaper than waxing. More comfortable than a razor. Great product. You may use this as a testemonial if you like but please withold my name."

Kindest Regards, H.

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