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girl-hugThis article will give you in point form and fully illustrated the best tips and techniques to get the most smoothest shave with your personal shaver. We use the Body Bare® personal shaver for these techniques. If you don't own a Body Bare® personal shaver CLICK HERE to get yours today! Now on to the article.

1) Do Not Use Too Much Baby Powder

Although it is crucial to use baby powder or similar to use as a lubricant when shaving your genitals and for men the abdominal area, using too much baby powder is not recommended. The reason is if you apply to much baby powder and start shaving, your shavers foil can get clogged from the access baby powder. You end up moving the shaver over your skin with a blockage of baby powder in between you and the rotating razor. The way to apply baby powder is put some into your hands and then rub it on to your shaving areas until you have a lighter shaving area not a WHITER shaving area. Doing this will allow the shavers foil to get at those nasty hairs you want gone! The illustration below of a male abdominal area shows how much is too much and what amount you should apply.

Too Much!
wrong powder

Although it's hard to notice from this illustration below, the left side shows how much baby powder should be applied and the right side has none.

right powder

2) Trim Those Hairs To A Fine Stubble

The Body Bare® shaver is designed to give you the most smooth and un-irritated shave ever. In order to accomplish this, the shaver is designed to cut fine hairs no more then 1mm thick. Any longer and you will find you're not getting all the hair cut. Why? Because your hairs need to be standing straight up for the shaver to get close enough to cut. When you hair starts to grow back it will grow in the direction it was meant for. It could be laying flat on your skin or on an angle. Either way if your hair is growing in any direction then straight up, the shaver will have a hard time cutting them. I use the Ladyfair Trimmer which comes FREE with a Body Bare® Shaver to get those hairs down to a fine stubble. The illustration of a female pubic zone below shows what lengths of hair you should have to get the best shave.

In the first illustration there is too much hair to use the Body Bare® shaver and needs to be trimmed.
hair bad

This illustration shows the perfect length to use the Body Bare® shaver. I trimmed these pubic hairs with the LadyFair trimmer..
hair good

3)Shave As Often As You Do Your Legs Or Face!

I'm assuming that you would shave your legs or face every 2 to 3 days apart. If not then at least shave your pubic area every 2 to 3 days. Why? As you shave more often you can actually train your hairs to grow straight up making it easier to shave as months go on. Also shaving every 2 to 3 days means NO MORE TRIMMING! It takes 2-5 minutes to shave my wife's vagina and pubic area and about the same time to shave my genitals, pubic area and abdominal area. That's because we have done it so often and so frequent that our hairs grow back straight up and easy for the shaver to trim.

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